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Charcoal Whitening Toothbrush

Charcoal Whitening Toothbrush

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Perfect item for your commuter, purse or weekend bag.

✔️HIGHEST QUALITY AND NATURAL WHITENING!  6X activated charcoal carbon-grade Infused bristles and x6 white bristles! Medium-soft and BPA free nylon bristles absorbing twice as much than other brands and helping you achieve natural whiter teeth!

✔️QUALITY CLASSIC DESIGN! Sustainable bamboo toothbrush is made of premium quality high-grade organic bamboos. 

✔️FOR YOUR FAMILY AND GUEST! These disposable wooden toothbrushes come with natural water-proof coating and stylish splinter resistant design. The bristles provide gentle sensation and protect sensitive gyms! 

✔️ZERO WASTE! Green Earth is our goal! Everything from our products to our packaging is sourced with big care and consideration! Recyclable + Non toxic materials only